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jeabm nahvp# for 41% jiduvg6
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Jackson did not say what injuries, if any, were sustained by Mark Redwine, the father of Dylan Redwine, or whether he was being held for a psychological evaluation. <a href=>michael kors outlet online</a> The fight for marriage equality is getting closer to South Carolina. On Monday, clergy members filed a lawsuit challenging North Carolina's constitutional ban on gay marriage. In two weeks, May 13th, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers the Carolinas, will hear arguments in a case involving Virginia's law which was ruled unconstitutional in February. A ruling could come later this summer, but it still gives no guarantees for the hundreds of same sex couples waiting for change in South Carolina.Scott McDonald-Mostella says "South Carolina does everything last. We were first to secede from the Union, but we're the last state to do anything else. I just wish we could change that mentality."Scott was legally married to Joseph Mostella in Connecticut in 2009. But that legal marriage means little, if anything in their home state of South Carolina. They are not afforded the same benefits as heterosexual couples who wed somewhere else and move here. In fact, they are considered something entirely different."We can register it here in the state as 'legal strangers' but nothing more than that will come of it," Scott says. "That's what we will be in South Carolina. I would love to know the definition of 'legal strangers.'"Unlike other married couples, Joseph and Scott face challenges that straight couples likely take for granted. Joseph says Scott "went to the hospital and they would not let me see him until he was wide awake and completely clear to say 'please send him back' because I'm not legally his husband. I'm not family."Legally married couples like Scott and Joseph are afforded some options now that they weren't a year ago. Last summer's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn part of the Defense of Marriage Act grants the couple federal rights and privileges. That including filing their federal taxes jointly for the first time. Scott says it was four pages in just a few minutes. But because they are not recognized in South Carolina, Scott said he had to file about 217 pages worth of documents to make sure he and his husband filed separately."We want to share our lives together, just like our straight counterparts do," Scott says.They are certainly not alone. A lawsuit filed by highway patrol trooper Katie Bradacs and Tracie Goodwin is making its way though South Carolina court right now. It's the first case since the Supreme Court decision last summer. But Governor Nikki Haley has already promised to defend the state's amendment banning gay marriage.But Joseph argues "I don't think the law should be allowed to restrict civil and human rights, and technically the constitution says it can't."The 10th Circuit Court just heard appeals to court decisions striking down bans in Utah and Oklahoma. State amendments banning gay marriage have already been struck down in court in several other states like Texas, Michigan, and Virginia this year. But the most significant ruling could come from the 4th Circuit Court this summer. If it upholds the ruling making Virginia's law unconstitutional, it could set the stage for the rest of the 4th Circuit states to follow suit. That includes South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Maryland.Copyright 2014 WCSC. All rights reserved.
Note: It is an amazing to realize how very difficult it is to hate someone who loves you. It is said that we were founded on Christianity, so why not forgive? Why not treat others as you would like to be treated, and realize that our government is doing things that are not in our name, and so too are our so called allies. <a href=>coach factory outlet online</a> The young men may be involved in the hazing to varying degrees, as their lawyers have suggested. But according to campus police reports and emails between housing officials, the incidents included nicknaming the black student "Three-fifths," a reference to the way the government, for census purposes, once counted blacks as just a fraction of a person. When he protested, they dubbed him "Fraction."
Seven Pinellas County Schools students have won a total of 10 national awards in the 2014 Scholastic Art Awards. <a href=>oakley outlet</a> There were even calls for King George V to resign as patron of the FA, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle thundered: “If a footballer has strength of limb, let them serve and march in the field of battle.”
q The Minority Initiative Sub-Recipient Grant Office, MISRGO’s, “Stamp Out Smoking” program will again partner with local Hispanic organizations to encourage tobacco prevention and cessation in remembrance of Cinco de Mayo. Saturday, May 3rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the 11th annual Cinco de Mayo ¡Hola! Arkansas Health & Safety Fest will take place at MacArthur Park in Little Rock. <a href=>mulberry outlet</a> "It broke his heart," daughter Cathy recalled. It has since been replaced by Symphony Silicon Valley, founded that year.
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As the Al-Jazeera journalists left the hearing, they chanted "Happy World Press Freedom Day", which is celebrated on Saturday. <a href=>coach factory outlet online</a> Several who spoke at the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce s Females About Business luncheon on Friday also said they would like to see the SunRail line, which currently ends in DeBary, extended further into Volusia County.
c Q: What's most difficult about running the company? <a href=>louboutin pas cher</a> Maccabi Tel Aviv s Premier League title celebrations were put on hold for at least one more week on Saturday night after the yellow-and-blue fell to its first derby defeat since November 2012, losing 3-1 to Hapoel Tel Aviv at Bloomfield Stadium. l
“This was simply an individual…who knew <Mr> Stark] had money on him,” Mr. Hikind said. “It was a robbery. That’s all it was.” <a href=>mulberry sale</a> 05/02/2014 02:38:01 AM PDTClick photo to enlarge <a href=>louis vuitton outlet</a>
Splendour in the Grass, once catching on to the fault, posted this on their Facebook page: Under no circumstances purchase any 50% off tickets - THEY WILL NOT BE VALID. <a href=>cheap michael kors bags</a> In Luhansk, one of the largest cities in eastern Ukraine, gunmen in camouflage uniforms maintained control of several government offices they seized Tuesday. In Donetsk, insurgents added the local customs service office to the list of buildings they have seized. v <a href=>cheap michael kors bags</a>
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