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A Shenzhen-based peer-to-peer (P2P) company has mysteriously vanished, leaving 600 investors unable to claim their 20 million yuan ($3.2 million) investment, the Guangzhou Daily newspaper reported Thursday. The website of the Shenzhen-based P2P platform,, cannot be opened, and no one has answered the customer service hotline since Tuesday afternoon, several investors were cited by the report as saying. An unnamed investor said the company cannot be founded on the address the company claimed to be, National Business Daily newspaper reported Thursday. Shenzhen Wangwangdai had won investors' trust by claiming it was insured by Shenzhen Nabaichuan Guaranty Ltd, but the platform is actually owned by Nabaichuan, the report said. "It is very hard for investors to get their money back if management of P2P platforms flee," Ma Jun, chief analyst at Shanghai-based, a Web portal that tracks the industry, told the Global Times Thursday. An investor surnamed Zhu said that Wangwangdai offered annual returns higher than 15 percent, according to the Guangzhou Daily report. The normal return of P2P products range from 7 percent to 12 percent, Ma said, noting returns close to 20 percent usually indicate high risk. Ma also suggested investors attach importance to the transparency of project information provided by P2P platforms. He said some P2P platforms, such as Beijing-based JimuBox, provide details about where investments go and how it will be used, but some other platforms only give vague information. Dong Jun, CEO of JimuBox, told the Global Times that investors should also pay attention to P2P platforms' risk control mechanism, including whether the platforms conduct proper investigations on the projects and cooperate with qualified guaranty companies. This lessens the risks that projects might lose money and be unable to provide the promised returns to investors. P2P lending platforms match people who want to invest money with individuals who are seeking loans, usually via online auctions. P2P lending has developed rapidly since the end of 2012, as part of the country's unregulated shadow banking system. However, now there is no entry threshold for establishing P2P platforms, nor clear supervision rules for P2P platforms in China, Dong said. <a href=>louis vuitton kosmetiktasche outlet</a> JINDO, South Korea (AP) - The informal briefing by a South Korean coast guard rescuer started calmly enough. He stood on a stage in front of relatives of those missing from a sunken ferry, explaining how divers trying to find their loved ones are hampered by poor visibility and can venture only so deep. p <a href=>nike air 1</a>
Eckerd College Florida Atlantic University Florida Gulf Coast University Florida State University University of Florida University of Miami University of South Florida <a href=>prada clutch</a> "Mr. John Growney said, Better come to Red Bluff in March," Layton said. Since then he's worked with Growney, who said Thursday that Layton was picked to replace Hall of Fame bullfighter Joe Baumgartner.
"It could take a week more before a decision on whether the climb will go ahead will be taken," he said. <a href=>retro jordans for cheap</a> "We don't believe the plaintiffs have standing," said Jim Campbell, attorney for defendant Tulsa County Clerk Sally Smith. v <a href=>cheap nike air max 1 uk</a>
Venture capital investment continued to trend upwards in the first quarter of 2014 with $10.74 billion raised by U.S. based companies, up 18% from the fourth quarter of last year and the most raised since the first three months of 2001. <a href=ürtel-herren>louis vuitton gürtel herren</a> 7. Add the lemon juice to the tomato mixture. Place the cabbage rolls in the sauce and cover.
p New Mexico State University has launched a program aimed at helping educators be more effective at teaching reading and at identifying children who may have dyslexia.    The program includes five graduate courses for students pursuing a master's degree in special education. Community teachers wanting to increase their skills are also welcome to participate.    Marlene Salas-Provance with NMSU's College of Education expects the project to have a positive effect on the reading scores of New Mexico students.    Antonio Fierro is a national expert in reading disabilities and a new assistant professor. He's coordinating the program and teaching the first two courses.    Fierro says teachers need to understand how a child develops language and literacy so they can help students who are struggling. <a href=>oakley aviators</a> However he accepted that he occasionally sold a small amount to fellow smokers in order to recoup some of the costs of his outlay. <a href=>cheap mens oakley sunglasses</a>
Gallery on the UMobile campus through Friday, April 25. <a href=>oakley holbrook cheap</a> Heritage sports director Chris Ivy said Pavelich, 56, is not in any financial distress.
Disclaimer: Comments submitted by third parties on this site are the sole responsibility <a href=>cheap oakley snow goggles</a> Dixon, now a geologist at the University of Pretoria, was forced to acknowledge Wednesday that he had no expertise in light and sound measurement, as well as pathology and ballistics, despite his commenting on those topics while testifying about the circumstances of Steenkamp s death. t <a href=>cheap jordan retros</a>
"Is it information overload? Maybe." <a href=>louis vuitton stuttgart outlet</a> Do not deny to me Your eternal beauty.
Jankowski didn’t have to do it all alone though. Fellow employee and friend Terry Logue —also an FSU graduate — was along for the ride. The two met at Ray’s and instantly became friends. In between serving tables and mixing drinks they would fill their conversations with ideas of owning their own restaurant one day. It was all just talk, until six months ago. <a href=>louis vuitton tuch</a> "He has been in law enforcement for 24 years. He's an outstanding agent," Bach said. "The sanction was way over the top in terms of what was going on institutionally."
Old Town @ Orono <a href=>cheap oakley splice</a> Chris Johnson hit an RBI double off Jonathon Niese (0-2) in the second for a 1-0 lead.
(Page 2 of 2) <a href=>cheap fake oakleys for sale</a> Last week they attacked a small military outpost, meant to defend them from nearby Palestinians. It wasn't so much an attack as a symbolic response to the government's destruction of some illegally built structures in Yitzhar. The few soldiers posted at the base, reservists rather than regular troops, stood by while young men from Yitzhar trashed their tent and some equipment. The soldiers felt no personal threat from the attackers, and were following orders not to use deadly force against Jews who were not threatening them with bodily harm. Israelis argue as to whether they should have used whatever they had by way of crowd control. At least one of the reservists was himself a settler who lived nearby. Subsequently all of the soldiers had trouble identifying their attackers in a police line-up.
h Ruth smashed a double to go along with the blast over the 200-foot left field fence. His teammates signed the home run ball after the game. Ruth also picked up the win on the mound, throwing three strong innings. <a href=>louis vuitton handytasche</a> Robinson ran in solitude, with the exception of when she lapped runners on her way to a meet record. Robinson clocked a personal-best 10:16.98, shattering the 27-year-old meet record of 10:26.20, owned by Mary Mendoza of Presentation-San Jose. Robinson led wire-to-wire in a dominant performance, outdistancing the next best finisher by nearly 41 seconds. Freshman Julia Bounds of St. Francis-Mountain View was fourth in 11:00.01.
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Power-play Opportunities Las Vegas 0 of 2. Aces 1 of 3. <a href=>prada replica</a> We all share the value of improving outcomes for children and families. We feel an emotional urgency to reform the system that is responsible for those outcomes. The truth is, however, that child welfare systems are dynamic and uniquely complex. State differences matter. Applying a politically popular model from another state will not fix systemic problems in Georgia related to funding, staffing shortages, inadequate service capacity and lack of coordination across systems.
q Reach Josh Lederman on Twitter at <a href=>nike air max womens</a> Hasler praised his side's resolve after a third straight victory by a solitary point - all via late field goals - but said his side couldn't keep getting away with handling errors which littered their first-half display as they came back from 14-6 down in the second period. y
At Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia <a href=>nike air max trainers</a> Q You have three films with Colin Firth ("The Railway Man," "Before I Go to Sleep" and "Paddington"). What is it about him that compels you to work with him? <a href=>louis vuitton second hand</a>
While the men's competition started after two days of waiting, the forecast six-foot swell never came and Saturday's competition ended a couple of hours early as the conditions flattened. <a href=>cheap prescription oakley sunglasses</a> The athlete was also accused of using his tearful outbursts to avoid difficult questions and also changing his defence from one of self-defence, in which he genuinely believed he was acting lawfully, to another available - that of an involuntary action . l <a href=>retro 11</a>
I’m sure it comes as no surprise when I say that galvanizing hundreds of faith-based groups, civic groups, recreation centers, food banks, schools, other non-profit organizations, and volunteers takes time, effort and commitment on all sides.  For any community that treasures its youth (and I haven’t met one that doesn’t), we must organize now to fight hunger this summer. <a href=>louis vuitton artsy</a> Font ResizeDebbie Gibson has Lyme disease
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Crossett City Council members delayed taking action on a proposed ordinance to stagger aldermen's terms and adopted an ordinance approving the city's final 2013 budget during their regular meeting on Monday, March 17.In new business, while considering an ordinance calling for an election to stagger aldermen's terms, Candace Jeffress questioned the wording extend.' I want to see the term, staggered term' in the ordinance title and in the ballot title for sure, so <voters> know what they are voting on, said Jeffress.Jeffress also questioned if the proposal would be placed on the ballot during a special or the general election. City Attorney James Hamilton explained that it is a special election that is being called and held in conjunction with the general election. <a href=>air max 90 cheap</a> Fearing and other animal rights advocates argued that there's no way to know at the retail level whether a finished product was made with skins from non-endangered American alligators or from another endangered gator species.

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