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qufdq ycvih# for 04% wircdy1
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Digging out the role of Election Commission of India (ECI), the entire opposition of Tripura have accused the officials of ECI for functioning in partisan interest to help ruling CPI-M in the state. The opposition Congress, Trinamool Congress and BJP have sent separate complaints accompanied by video footage and still photographs of alleged manipulation of voting in just concluded Loksabha poll in two seats of Tripura on April 7 and 12 last to The parties raising question of integrity of Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Ashutosh Jindal demanded immediate legal action against him and holding fresh election under new CEO. "We have gathered video footage of 25 polling booths of different assembly constituencies of two Loksabha seats how CPI-M cadres with the support of polling officials and state police ragged the election," said Congress Working President Ashis Saha today. He alleged that the opposition parties in Tripura have been complaining for last three years about the extremely pro CPIM stand of CEO but unfortunately, ECI did not take any action against him rather glorified him over the years in different occasions. Before last year assembly poll, the voters list was manipulated including the name of more than a lakh of fake and Bangladeshi nationals to an extent where no honest voting was possible. "We have submitted documentary evidence how same voter has been entered in different assembly segments, nonexistent fake names included in the roll and more dangerously thousands name of Bangladeshi nationals have been included but ECI did not take any step," Mr Saha stated. All the names had been deleted from the electoral roll following the allegation of opposition parties; they were put back in the last week before elections, which counted about 3.5% of votes, he alleged. The ECI did not even acknowledge or reply to the letters by MLAs of the opposition parties. The action taken by ECI in West Bengal was appeared just the opposite of what they had done in Tripura, he commented. In Tripura the officers who were transferred, were replaced by the state govt but in WB they were replaced by ECI. In Tripura the same officer who was removed from election duty was later on rewarded by the ECI for excellent work. The post poll violence which was last for six months after the 2013 elections was enough to put fear in the minds of opposition workers. 13 people were killed, thousands of houses were burnt, most of the Congress offices were gutted but nobody bothers outside Tripura. "How in assembly election Tripura recorded 95% voting and awarded later was exposed in Loksabha poll when the voting increased to 85 percent from 65 percent by an hour at last, as polling officials allowed massive proxy voting in all the rural booths," Mr Saha alleged. Meanwhile, BJP and Trinamool Congress in separate statement alleged that they had lodged a huge number of complaints against CPI-M of violation of model code of conduct and manipulation with CEO Mr Jindal but in no case he took any action rather always stated all were false. Except town and cities, all other polling booths were guarded by state police and home guards where booth capturing and proxy voting was recorded. In all the cases police, Micro observers, presiding officer and other polling staff were actively helping in the rigging process. UNI BB RST 09:35 NNNN -- (UNI) -- 19ca2.xml <a href=http://www.asbos.co.uk/brand.php?p=ladies-nike-air-max>ladies nike air max</a> "It's very well-proven: Bright screens at night can shift your circadian rhythm by hours," says Dr. Emmanuel J. Mignot, a physician and a professor of sleep medicine at Stanford School of Medicine. "Physiologically, it makes sense. We're not that different than animals. We synchronize our circadian rhythm to light, and light has a profound effect."
"It was agreed to move ahead rapidly with the practical implementation of the Geneva Statement," the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said in a statement that referred to the pact, which was agreed to on Thursday in the Swiss city by officials from Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and Russia. <a href=http://www.asbos.co.uk/brand.php?p=nike-air-max-classic-bw>nike air max classic bw</a> The medical board, however, is yet another step that delays the time between the reporting of the incident and concluding the investigation. According to National Crime Records Bureau statistics, 42 cases under Section 304 A IPC were pending investigation in the State at the end of 2012 (Section 304 A includes death due to negligence in cases of automobile accidents as well). e <a href=http://www.kickask.com/brand.php?p=cheap-oakley-sunglasses>cheap oakley sunglasses</a>
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