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nnluy hvxmb# for 73% njoaah7
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: Re-polling in 34 polling stations in eleven Assembly segments spreading in five districts of Arunachal Pradesh has been started at 0600 hours today in a peaceful note under heavy security blanket. No untoward incident has been reported since the beginning of fresh poll, according to deputy electoral officer, D J Bhattacharjee. Re-polling was necessitated on the basis of the reports provided by the DEOs and ROs in the regards of destruction of EVMs disruption in voting and other reasons on simultaneous elections. The polling will be continued till 1400 hours. The state had conducted dual elections for two Parliamentary Constituency and 49 State Assembly seats on April 9. Considering the violence's in recent elections, this time, the EC has deputed sufficient paramilitary forces in all the 34 polling stations under two Parliamentary Constituencies in the state for holding the re-polls in a very conducive atmosphere. A total number of 12,698 male and female electorates will cast their valuable mandate in the five districts, are, Kurung Kumey (12) followed by Upper Subansiri (9), East Kameng (8), West Siang (4). All the booths is falls under Arunachal West Parliamentary Constituency. However, re-election is being conducted today in only one polling station, Sissen, under 35-Pangin (ST) Assembly Constituency in Arunachal East Parliamentary Constituency in East Siang district, where the people of the area had boycotted the recent election on 'No Road No Vote' issue. UNI PB RST 09:34 NNNN -- (UNI) -- 19ca1.xml <a href=http://www.schmuckimpressionen.de/marke.php?p=louis-vuitton-second-hand-outlet>louis vuitton second hand outlet</a> And Kuchar understands being focused at the Masters can mean being zoned in at Harbour Town.
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