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hfiii qkrdz# for 68% psxfjs4
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The issue: Some government entities here in Laramie County are charging members of the public to view public records.We believe: That is improper and illegal. These documents belong to the people. They should not have to pay fees to inspect them.Tell us what you think: Contact us via emailat .Editor's note: Today marks the opening of the 13th annual Sunshine Week observance. It is a national initiative to promote discussion about the importance of open government and freedom of information. Items on government transparency will appear on these pages throughout the week. Custodian: Someone who keeps and protects something valuable for another person. Merriam-Webster DictionaryAs Sunshine Week 2014 dawns on Cheyenne and Laramie County, we would like to say the forecast here is for open and transparent government. But we can t.Unfortunately, some local officials continue to see maintaining public records (and holding open meetings) as something that they have to put up with, rather than as their obligation to the public. What they fail to understand is that they are just the caretakers of those files. They simply are keeping and protecting them; the public is the owner.Perhaps the most troubling current trend in Wyoming and note the word current since there are many anti-openness trends alive and well in the state is charging people to inspect those documents.State law is clear: Government entities can set reasonable fees to make copies of public records. (Though certainly it is arguable whether reasonable means 1 or 2 per page or 10 per disk.) But they may not charge members of the public simply to see those documents.Again, government is the custodian; the public is the owner. If people want to review records, those documents are theirs to see. They should not be charged to access what belongs to them.Yet this abuse of authority is occurring right here in Laramie County, right now. One example is the sheriff s department, which has been making residents pay to view public records. It does not charge this newspaper, but we deserve no special privileges. No member of the public is better than another.But perhaps the best example of this comes from Laramie County School District 1. It actually has a written policy that says it can charge a member of the public 20 per hour for clerical time, 30 per hour for professional personnel s time and 40 per hour for managerial personnel s time.In other words, it could cost a member of the public 100 or more simply to view documents that belong to him or her. That is ludicrous.Consider another reason why there should be no charge to inspect documents: because some people cannot afford the fees at any price. What these charges do is prevent the owners of the records from seeing them. Of course, charge a high enough fee, and anything can be hidden from the public.One of the arguments that officials make for fees is that it costs to maintain these documents. Afraid not. State law makes that part of their jobs. Funds for it are provided by the taxpayers in the salaries that go into these offices. The public should not have to pay twice to see the records that belong to them.As Sunshine Week proceeds, we urge government officials at all levels to reconsider their positions on these charges. They were elected, or appointed, to serve the public. The people should not have to pay extra for that service. <a href=http://danielecerioni.com/supporto.php?p=borsa-louis-vuitton-outlet>borsa louis vuitton outlet</a> "But then again," she said, "maybe the husband would be a pain in the neck, not supportive at all." She wondered if he might expect her to cater to him, wait on him, do his bidding, to be his nurse.

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