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The billions of dollars that flow through our political system go well beyond informing the public of the issues at hand. Our democratic system has now become a landscape where corporate interests, well-funded super political action committees, and deep-pocketed individuals influence not only who is elected, but the local and national agendas and legislation as well. This unrestricted flow of money defeats the very intent of our founding fathers for a government that values and represents the voice of all participants, not just the wealthy. Most would agree (except perhaps Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association) that restricting guns from schools, day care centers and theaters is a sensible "restriction" of the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Similarly, campaign finance reform, though viewed by a well-heeled few as a restriction of their First Amendment free speech rights, legitimizes a governmental system that should strive to be fair, transparent and represent the views of all people, regardless of their economic station in life. <a href=>jordan 11 cheap</a> Santa Ana police searched a canyon, examined the women s cellphone records, alerted hospitals, put the word out on social media and even checked motels they were known to frequent but without success in finding them.
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