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The issue: The state's Supreme Court says officials must prove they are right to keep some fracking ingredients from the public.We believe: The justices have struck a blow for openness. No one really benefits from hiding these chemicals as "trade secrets."Tell us what you think: Contact us via email at .So just what is a "trade secret"? That's what the Wyoming Supreme Court wanted to know when it sent back to district court last week a decision concerning fracking. The justices also said the Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission must be able to prove that the names of fracking chemicals being withheld qualify under that definition.Environmentalists, landowners and others cheered the decision, which came right in time for this week's observance of Sunshine Week.But it s still too early to see if transparency wins the day concerning fracking in this state. The short term for hydraulic fracturing, fracking is used by companies to help pull oil from the ground. Pressurized chemicals create and keep open fractures in a formation to allow extraction.Many state residents want to know what types of chemicals are being shot into the ground. They rightly desire to understand what is in the mix so that if it appears in their water, they can trace it back to its source.The ruling last week came as the result of a lawsuit filed by several groups against the Oil and Gas Commission. That body has refused to release the names of some chemicals used in the fracking process, calling them trade secrets. The justices sent the case back to the district court with an order to better define what trade secret means.Currently, a trade secret is a part of the fracking formula that is not generally known. Companies believe their special mixture gives them an edge over their competitors. Many say they will lose that if they have to disclose to the public everything that is in their drilling cocktail.But the state Supreme Court said that definition is too broad. The justices ruled that the lower court instead should apply the same description as that now in the federal Freedom of Information Act. Essentially, that law says the list of ingredients should be open to the public, but not the formula or the proportions used.It now will be up to the district court to figure out where trade secrets end and open records begin.The High Court also rightly put the onus on the Oil and Gas Commission to prove that what it is withholding is actually a trade secret. That is required by the state s open records acts: Governmental agencies must prove why documents can be withheld. Requestors are not required to show why they want the information.We see no reason for companies to keep the ingredients secret. In fact, they should want to be as open as possible since any push toward secrecy only invites rumor and suspicion. Name the chemicals, keep the proportions secret and let the public decide what it wants to do with the information.Really, the Oil and Gas Commission should be leading the charge for transparency if only to protect the state s biggest industry from lawsuits that hold no merit. If a company releases its list of the chemicals and then others are found in groundwater near the drilling site, it can prove it did not contaminate the water.Sunshine Week is all about the importance and value of open government. The Wyoming Supreme Court s decision last week proves that more transparency is a step in the right direction for all parties involved. <a href=>cheap oakley sunglasses for sale</a> “Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance finding out they couldn’t keep their plan or their doctor, as you promised them they could. Nobody is taking anybody’s health insurance away from anybody except you, sir.”
k Exporting Moroccan jihadists (or tacitly allowing them to leave) is indeed a far less costly and contentious remedy to the issue of Salafist-jihadist radicalization. But when many of them return unharmed from the battlefield, the authorities throw them in jail, often straight from the airport, for fear that returning battle-hardened jihadists could form a core group for armed action within Morocco itself. Most of the returnees receive a four-year prison sentence based on a broad interpretation of the anti-terrorism law – deceived by their own misinterpretation of Morocco’s hosting of the Friends of Syria meeting in Marrakech in December 2012, which they interpreted as an “official” endorsement of the Syrian revolution that encouraged them to join the fight. Jailing them not only compounds the issue of Salafist-jihadist detainees but creates a vicious circle: Those coming from battle are thrown in jail, and those in jail leave for battle once released. <a href=>cheap air jordans free shipping</a> ‘‘Obviously it was a nervous start and I stood there and thought, ‘That’s what I looked like many times playing the first hole at the Masters. <a href=>nike air max 95 cheap</a>
Music and dancing are an important part of the culture, and the people are very proud of it, she said. Training in music starts at a young age in Cuba. Adams said she and Henderson were “blown away” by the “professional-level” performance of jazz and salsa music at a high school for the arts in Havana. <a href=>cheap jordans free shipping</a> It has been seven years since the panel released its last trio of reports.
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A Catholic priest with ties to the Vatican had approved the transfer of millions of dollars from a Vatican foundation to a Catholic charity in the Virgin Islands. That money then was transferred into a trust controlled by a group of Mississippi insurance companies. Mississippi regulators wanted explanations. <a href=>cheap retro jordans for sale</a> Just like fingerprints, every person�s tongue print is unique. <a href=>oakley sunglasses sale</a>
The memo summarizes three interviews Christie did earlier this year with the lawyers he hired to investigate the political scandal. And it was a foundational element of a report, written by the law firm Gibson Dunn, that cleared Christie of any involvement in the scandal that has rocked both his administration and his presidential ambitions. <a href=>oakley crosshair 2.0</a> Our ability to preserve our lives and ways of life hinges on restraints. Those who would annihilate us do not shy away from exploiting our pluralism. Uber-tolerant Israel, however, is not obliged to cast itself as the dupe who will do anything to be declared nice. j <a href=>schal louis vuitton</a>
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I like her length, she's quite athletic and deceptively strong. <a href=>handtaschen louis vuitton outlet</a> Let us know if it's getting out of hand. If you see offensive comments, don't quote or respond to them. Please use the "Report Abuse" button to bring it to our attention. l <a href=>prada loafers outlet</a>
“I liked to write as a kid but mostly fiction,” Adams said. “When I was in school poetry had to be a certain form and had to be about a certain thing and had to be recognized by certain people. <a href=>cheap jordan 8</a> "Prajob's death has led us to fight for justice in this town," he said. "We can be disheartened and we were, but we also know that we have to do the right thing for our community."

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