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Sambata, 2017-03-25, 2:57 AM
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wahax anmtj# for 67% alqvon2
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Twitter: <a href=http://www.abolgokh.com/support.php?p=oakley-military>oakley military</a> Hanh: They had to lose something to gain that understanding. There's quite a bit of mutilation on this show. By that token, Theon should be everyone's BFF someday! Sadie: I'd settle for him having one friend, even if it's imaginary at this point. I do have some questions about Tyrion's storyline this week though. Do you really think Shae left or did Tywin get to her before she boarded the ship? Hanh: Oh, I think Tywin totally got to her. I mean, he has to, right? They're setting us up for the biggest heartbreak of all! Tyrion and Shae fighting and his calling her a whore not fit to bear his children during this episode was totally twisting the knife. Sadie: Watching Tyrion burn that bridge killed me probably more than anything else this episode, and the whole time I was wondering, "Is this it? Is this what makes Shae so hurt that she betrays him?" Hanh: What was Tyrion's first wife's name? I feel that the knowledge of Tywin and Jaime's betrayal, lying that she was a whore, was the betrayal that made him snap in the books. But here on the show, we don't have that story fresh in our minds. I don't think Shae will betray him. It just doesn't make sense unless she's coerced, but how? Could Tywin just straight out kill her - he's made all of those threats about hanging Tyrion's next whore -- and that's what makes him snap? Sadie: Tyrion's wife was Tysha, whom I really hope he finds one day in the books even though I know it will only bring more heartbreak. But maybe he could find closure there as well. And you're right, since we haven't really dug into the Tysha story line, Shae's death is a likely culprit to the trigger to toilet murder. Hanh: Toilet murder! I just had an image of toileta dentate. Sadie: Way to give me even more nightmares! Now I'll never be able to sleep -- or use the bathroom -- again. I'm charging you for my lifetime supply of diapers. Hanh: Ha ha! I just had another image of Tywin as a spokesperson for adult diapers. "For when you really have to go but don't want to go that way." Tywin Tighties! Well, on that high (low?) note, I'm going to tune to my "Rains of Castamere" Pandora station and eat my pigeon pot pie. <a href=http://www.442ndrct.com/support.php?p=michael-kors-wallets-cheap>michael kors wallets cheap</a>
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