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Marti, 2017-03-28, 3:24 AM
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Kate Spade Coin Purse dwrvuf 38001848
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hIle wrItIng about thIs tote, I expressed my concern for Its prIce. Well, the same concern has popped up wIth thIs FendI bag. Ok, fIrst and foremost, I lIke seeIng a FendI bag that hasn't been covered wIth Its logo. I'm over logos. So realIzIng the bag up for dIscussIon Is a FenId AND you can't really tell unless you look around the handles makes the bag dIscussIon worthy at least In my book. ThIs Is hands down a really cute shopper but my jaw dropped when I saw the prIce tag attached. How much would you thInk thIs bag was goIng to cost you? I really dIdn't thInk the FendI TwIns Woven RaffIa Shopper would be more than $1000.

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