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Underscoring the unique nature of the bill, state Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, the committee’s chairman, voted against the bill. In both of the bill’s Senate committee hearings, the chairman of the committee voted “no.” In most cases, a bill has no shot in a committee whose chairman is in opposition. <a href=>cheap oakley womens sunglasses</a> Rapport said the plaintiffs will have to pay for the preparation of the record, which he said will cost $18,000, and Kopper paid the city that amount on behalf of his clients so the work could begin.
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"What's unique is the extent of the schedule this person had while ill," he told CNN. <a href=>cheap jordans 11</a> Meretz chairwoman Gal-On said on Thursday that Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett was trying to kill the peace process by making comments on Wednesday saying that Israel should annex 60% of the West Bank. i <a href=>louis vuitton neverfull outlet</a>
“This alone will boost most of the relevant sectors, transport and logistics, communications and business services,” <a href=>oakley m frame</a> Obokata said Riken had advised her not to speak publicly about the controversy. The event Wednesday, which lasted for over two hours, was her first public appearance in weeks and was made against doctors' orders after seeking hospital treatment Monday.
He added insult to injury by announcing this week that he sought to implement some political reforms and said that to start this process he would release political prisoners and ease restrictions on political parties. The aim of this, he says, was to “encourage success in a national dialogue.” <a href=>louis vuitton online shop outlet</a> The issue: State Rep. Gerald Gay, R-Casper, proposed a bill in the current session to require election of the attorney general. It was rejected.We believe: Mr. Gay's proposal makes a lot of sense. The AG should serve the people of Wyoming, not just the governor who appoints him.Tell us what you think: Contact us via email at .We were disappointed to see House Bill 109 die early in this session. It would have made the Wyoming attorney general an elected position, as opposed to being a governor s appointee. We would have liked to see more debate on this issue.Wyoming is not alone in appointing its attorney general, but it s not part of a large crowd, either. Only in five states are attorneys general appointed by the governor; in two others, Maine and Tennessee, the attorney general is picked by the state legislature and the state Supreme Court, respectively.An attorney general is supposed to be the chief legal adviser to the state government, as well as to the state s chief law enforcement officer. Thus, appointing an AG represents a conflict of interest. How can you expect the state s attorney to look into the suspected wrongdoings of a governor when the governor hand-picked him or her?That was the thinking behind the measure sponsored by Rep. Gerald Gay, R-Casper. He would like to see an attorney general who is more independent from the governor. We agree.As it is now, Attorney General Peter Michael works for the governor, since it was Gov. Matt Mead who appointed him. Meanwhile, there is no one at the state level looking out for the legal needs of residents.When Mr. Mead was dissatisfied with the state Supreme Court s ruling on Senate File 104, the bill that stripped Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill of most of her duties, he instructed his AG to ask the court to reverse its decision.Did you agree with Mr. Mead? Did the attorney general? It didn t matter. The AG doesn t work for the people: They didn t elect him. He doesn t really work for lawmakers, either. They were not consulted before Mr. Michael submitted his request.That s the problem we have with an appointed AG. He or she should work for the people of Wyoming. But he or she invariably works for the governor.Renny MacKay, Mr. Mead s spokesman, said the governor doesn t see a problem. (He) supports the current structure related to the attorney general and believes it functions well, MacKay said earlier this month.Now there s a surprise. The governor likes the system that gives him total control while shutting out everyone else in the state.Some people say an appointed AG is actually better than an elected one because he or she then is not motivated by politics. He or she can concentrate on the law without having to respond to the whims of the voters. But that argument fails to recognize that the AG still responds to the one person who elected him or her, the governor.When this newspaper sued then-Gov. Dave Freudenthal in 2009 over his refusal to release proposed budget cut documents, it was Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg who fought for Mr. Freudenthal, not the people, who deserved access to all actions on their budget. Thankfully, the state Supreme Court saw it the right way and forced the governor to give up the documents.Electing an attorney general makes the most sense for Wyoming and would give citizens a stronger voice in their government. We hope lawmakers see it that way during their next session. f <a href=>prada purses outlet</a>
Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience," last year's best-selling album, will compete against efforts from Beyonce, Eminem, Drake and Luke Bryan for top Billboard 200 album. <a href=>nike air max 90 cheap</a> But the ads aren’t telling the whole story. The Scott ads are about changes to Medicare Advantage, in which private companies administer insurance plans for Medicare-eligible recipients. That’s not the same as what’s referred to as traditional Medicare, which is what most people think of when they hear the name of the program.

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