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mdtic aowch# for 09% jhndrb7
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Thank you for the interesting editorial. As a retired military veteran with zero combat time (and the son, colleague, and friend of a number of combat veterans ), I would offer the following:- I agree, this country can do a lot more in taking good care of all of its verterans, especially those with known combat-related injuries (physical and psychological)- I am not sure I would equate the treatment of our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans with those from Vietnam . . . my observation is the former are much better treated than the latter, both by our government and our fellow citizens- War planners do indeed consider the human factor as a key variable in developing war plans--I have seen this first hand. Regardless, I am not sure this particular point strengthens your argument. At the end of the day, this country will have to fight for its beliefs and values, and a regrettable cost is life itself. This country should do everything it can to take care of those warriors who are fortunate enough to survive the fight- While I am sure most Americans are upset by the second Ft Hood tragedy (at least I hope in this day and age we aren't too desensitized as to not be upset), I would personally be surprised to discover many retired combat veterans are suffering emotional stress as a direct result of this tragic event, but like you, I can only guess at this- Lastly, let's reflect on what the Army is saying about this incident, as well as Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer: there is no proof the shooter suffered from PTSD. In fact, the Army was quick to note the shooter was being treated for depression, a disease that affects millions of Americans, military and non-military. More importantly, the Army noted the shooter was deployed to Iraq for 4 months, and according to their records, had not been involved in a single combat actionYour commentary is appreciated, especially the call for better support of all our veterans. Regrettably, I believe some of your arguments are a little weak (especially the premature link of the shooter to PTSD). Perhaps this latest tragedy is more an incidence of violence in the workplace by a sick and cowardly individual, than it was a tragic and cowardly act by a combat veteran who was suffering from PTSD?Thank youRL <a href=ünstig-outlet>louis vuitton günstig outlet</a> The median payment - the point at which half the amounts are higher and half are lower - was $30,265.
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lives in Vestavia Hills with his beautiful wife, twin daughters and a dog. After <a href=>cheap jordans online</a> "You always feel good when you are contributing, scoring goals or getting assists," Dempsey said. "I'm in a good rhythm at the moment and it's about continuing that form."
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