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Brown joked he d love to have a red flag to throw at officials at times, but also enjoys the pace and human element of the game. <a href=>junior nike air max</a> The issue: Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead recently said that he is "motivated" to seek another term in office.We believe: Many local and state officials are motivated to serve. But until they develop a vision, they are just spinning their wheels.tell us what you think: Contact us via email at ."Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18 (King James Version)Gov. Matt Mead declares that he is motivated to seek another term in office. But what does he want to do when he is re-elected? Who knows?The Legislature wraps up its budget session, spending on a variety of programs and stuffing millions more into savings. But where does it want Wyoming to go with all that money? Not a clue.The Cheyenne City Council works for months on a sign ordinance. But what does it want the city to look like in 25 years? Now there s a mystery.The Downtown Development Authority babbles on for hours but does nothing but buy planters. So what is DDA s plan to create a downtown that attracts families and especially young professionals who are so needed by the growing high-tech employers here? You ve got us.All of these politicians and groups and many others are missing one key ingredient as they go about their business: vision. They may work hard, but they do not work smart. And that is because they lack vision, that bigger dream for the future that should be driving what they do.Bill Hybels, pastor at one of America s largest churches, put it this way: Vision is a picture of the future that stirs passion in you. Indeed. Is the City Council really passionate about signs on lawns? Are planters the best that the DDA can get excited about? And does the governor get wound up about anything?Without vision, there is no zeal and no obsessive desire to be great. All challenges become equal. The council may as well focus on the budget. Mr. Mead and Mayor Rick Kaysen may as well attend functions. Lawmakers may as well debate whatever issue is the flavor of the day.With no big ideas driving the discussion, it s all tactics with no strategy.You want an example of vision? Consider the City Council and mayor who were elected here in 2000. Their vision: to get Cheyenne ready to bring in new business and families. They then focused city dollars on amenities to do just that: the Depot and Depot Plaza, parks, the Greenway. The Great Recession, compounded by the current visionless mayor and council, brought that to a halt.The Legislature and Mr. Mead similarly appear to have no idea what they want the Cowboy State to look like. Thus, state funds are not used in a targeted fashion to advance Wyoming. Mr. Mead could be the water governor, or the high-tech governor or the education governor. Instead, he is the motivated governor. Yawn.Interestingly, the City Council and DDA have been holding meetings to set their agendas. That is a good first step, and we hope the end results of their gatherings are big ideas.But when we hear that the City Council has on its agenda for Cheyenne to maintain its Western feel, well, that is not a vision. That is trying to cling to the past. The people of Cheyenne need some energy, some direction, some sense of a vibrant future. This city has stalled long enough.Same with DDA. Same with the governor. Same with the Legislature. C mon leaders, give us some vision. As Proverbs says, we are dying out here. m <a href=>louis vuitton armband outlet</a>
• Fraudulent use of a credit card was reported Saturday at the Cottonwood Convenience Store, 623 E. Cottonwood Lane. <a href=>louis vuitton second hand</a> Forums, chat rooms, advice and more about self-injury.
Consumption: 5.2 litres/100km (combined average). <a href=>cheap oakley prescription</a> We're obviously working our cans off to get this fixed. Thanks for your patience. Try back a bit c <a href=ünstig>louis vuitton taschen günstig</a>
At first, let me say one thing lol: as some have already known, Japanese online citizens first revealed flaws in her STAP article while scientific Journal has accepted it. <a href=>louis vuitton sale outlet</a> “We do everything to keep them out of institutionalized care,” said Stephanie Sessions, executive director at PACE. “Our goal is to keep them in action, keep them healthy.”
a As Bruce Schneier, a renowned security expert,on Wednesday: Heartbleed is a catastrophic bug . . . on a scale of one to 10, it is an 11. <a href=>schal louis vuitton outlet</a> Wenta owner Bernard Schroedl said cemeteries often ask for an In memory inscription when there's no burial to go with the name on the stone. But it's unusual to see a cemetery owner dig in the way Miller is doing and refuse to allow the date. <a href=>white nike air max</a>
LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Authorities carried on their search Wednesday for two men reported missing in the Mississippi River a day earlier after a barge carrying tons of steel coil flipped and sank while moored at a terminal in northeast Arkansas.The two fell into the water Tuesday afternoon while the barge was being unloaded at a terminal east of Blytheville, about 60 miles north of Memphis, Tenn., said Bill Colclough, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman in New Orleans. He said the barge lifted to its starboard side and sank — but why it did so wasn't known.The vessel, moored at the Kinder Morgan dock near Hickman, was carrying about 700,000 pounds of steel coil."Right now, we're treating it as an active search and rescue case," said Ryan Tippets, another U.S. Coast Guard spokesman in New Orleans. "It's our job regardless to search no matter what. There's not any indicators either way if they're alive or dead. But we're treating it as a search and rescue case."Houston-based Kinder Morgan said it did not own the barge. A spokeswoman for the company, Sara Loeffelholz, said the two men worked for Kinder Morgan through a staffing agency. Their names were not being released.The barge was fully submerged along the river's tree-lined banks. The river was running swiftly and just below flood stage Wednesday just south of where Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee meet.The Coast Guard closed about 10 miles of the river so that it, the Mississippi County Sheriff's Office and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission could search for the missing men, said Lt. Brandon McMillan, a spokesman for the Coast Guard in Memphis."There's too many factors to predict where they could end up," McMillan said. "The Mississippi River is an unpredictable river. At this point, we don't know where they could be."Colclough said search efforts could continue into Thursday. McMillan wouldn't say when searchers would transition from a rescue operation to one aimed at recovering bodies. Across the state, near Texarkana, the search for a woman who fell into the Red River on Feb. 8 was suspended after three weeks."Right now, our focus is the search and rescue," McMillan said. "We are conducting an investigation on top of that. Our primary focus is the search and rescue part. ... I don't have a time when the investigation will be complete or how long it will take."Both Colclough and McMillan said they did not know who owned the barge.Keith Stephens of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said a third person was reported on the barge, but escaped to safety before it sank. Both Colclough and McMillan said they had not heard reports about a third person.The Coast Guard was considering how to reopen the river; eight tows were lined up on either side of the search area Wednesday. Because the river flows southward, McMillan said southbound vessels may be allowed to go first because their travel would produce less of a wake. <a href=>cheap oakley aviators</a> Posted:
Nel also grilled Pistorius on another of the charges against him, that the athlete had rounds of .38-caliber ammunition in a safe at his home and had no proper licensing for it. Pistorius pleaded not guilty to the charge and said it was his father's and not his. <a href=>louis vuitton tasche</a> Mr Abbott will be formally welcomed to China in a ceremony on the southern resort island of Hainan on Wednesday evening. s <a href=>louis vuitton artsy outlet</a>
Paul nailed two 3-pointers during the two-minute flurry, and DeAndre Jordan's slam off an offensive rebound made it a 94-93 game with five minutes to play. <a href=>prada shoes women</a> Imax said that the investments will help it add more theaters throughout China and strengthen its relationship with China's government and industry.
Skies will be clear and temperatures will reach the upper 70s. <a href=üsseletui>louis vuitton schlüsseletui</a> Police say he grabbed for something at his waist before running into a nearby house.
"We're still getting through that hoop," said Veronica Carpio, a Boulder business owner and hemp farmer. "I have a Canadian farmer who is ready to sell me all the seed I want, but at this point I can only smuggle it across, which I'm not willing to do." <a href=>oakley crosshair</a> anti-tank ditch.
My grandfather was one of those authentic Southerners whom reporters always hope to find a farmer who plucked food from the ground a couple of hours before we sat down to say grace, told ghost stories from a rocking chair on the front porch and took us to Turkey Creek to fish and to scavenge for arrowheads. There was nothing dumb about Mr. John B, as everyone called him. If there were a way to capture the smell of him a combination of leather, tobacco, soil and Old Spice I'd give it away as tonic to help city children fall asleep at night. <a href=>prada mens shoes outlet</a> "We started the game really well. Amar Purewal had one chance, he didn't know whether to head it or knee it, and we really took the game to Wakefield with a high tempo. The attacking players were a handful.
g More important, those who have read the report say it concludes that waterboarding and other "enhanced interrogation techniques" yielded little valuable intelligence that couldn't have been obtained by other means. Of course, torture wouldn't be justifiable even if it "worked"; but if there is evidence that the use of inhumane methods was ineffective as well as immoral, that constitutes another indictment of a policy former Vice President Dick Cheney described as operating on "the dark side." <a href=>cheap jordan 13</a> Third, know that you don't know everything. It is hard not to get suckered into the "what do you think of my..." every time someone posts a new photo. And, if you are a friend, feel free. But remember, there are so many things that go into a moment - what happened before this, how long have these two (horse and rider) been together, could there be a crocodile on the other side of that jump - because ANYONE can take a bad picture. Even the great riders in our sports have bad photos. And, they were all, once upon a time, beginners as well. It isn't our job, online, to tell other people how poorly they are riding or to point out all the things that are wrong in a photo or video. It is our job, as fellow horse-people, to encourage and support our sport and the people that are part of it. The only way we can grow as a community is not by tearing each other down, but by lifting each other up. When you are in a class, there is only one winner - that day - tomorrow it could be someone else. Why not take these moments to support everyone? We don't know the other persons' struggles. We don't know their finances, their personal story or even what happened on the way to the show that morning. Who are we to judge someone in a short moment? Allow yourself to be encouraging - of all of our horses and riders - regardless of experience. We all suffer from nerves, bad days and missed distances - why not become a community that rally around each other instead of one that spends time trying to make others feel bad. It doesn't improve your riding, or your relationship with your horse, if someone else does poorly, and we lose nothing by being supportive of one another.
The dolphin spring remains un-sprung. Three recent events at sea whisper of its coming. But it is late. <a href=>cheap oakley baseball sunglasses</a> The majority of the Internet is devoted to naked girls, and still people act like performing in porn is the worst thing anyone can ever do. The paradox isn't new. y <a href=>cheap nike air max</a>
2 sticks unsalted butter, room temperature <a href=>jordan 8</a> Black-and-yellow crime scene Do-Not-Cross tape cordoned off the area, and two state troopers watched as Department of Corrections inmates tore down the encampment, located in a wooded area near a local soup kitchen along Route 1.
p It was due to our negative approach in the first six overs, and that s the reason we lost the match. <a href=älschte-louis-vuitton-taschen-outlet>gefälschte louis vuitton taschen outlet</a> "As they say `shit happens', he's unlucky and how long it's going to take to clear up, I don't know. o
A man, who was captured on a surveillance camera March 5, entered the Circle K at 1735 W. Speedway, and pulled out a knife and demanded money from the clerk, said Tatum.  <a href=>oakley crosshair</a> Israel has set new conditions to save collapsing peace talks with Palestine. Tel Aviv wants Washington to release an Israeli spy, while Palestine should eat crow and withdraw an already-filed application to sign up 15 UN conventions. <a href=älscht-outlet>louis vuitton tasche gefälscht outlet</a>
Diaz earlier said the injuries in the 3 p.m. incident ranged from critical to minor. One child was pinned by the car, a Toyota Camry Solara convertible. <a href=>black nike air max</a> Sales of heroin from an apartment in Fredonia have been halted with the arrest and charging of two suspects, Ozaukee County Sheriff's Lt. Rod Galbraith said Monday. u <a href=>handtasche louis vuitton</a>
"Today's decision to create a support group will ensure that the Ukrainian authorities have all the support they need in undertaking the political and economic reforms that are necessary to stabilize the country." <a href=>jordan shoes</a> Poetry was a gift given to me by my mother's parents. Neither attended college, but both self-educated their way into rarely experienced levels of wisdom. They started me on Blake, Longfellow and Stevenson, and I fell asleep between them every summer, reading to me in the bed they'd propped up at the head for my grandpa's back, with only a sheet to keep out the Maryland humidity.
In 2000, the museum established the Robert L. Dwight science scholarship for a student at the 's or campuses. <a href=>retro 11</a> By NICHOLAS RICCARDI and BRADY MCCOMBSAssociated Press a <a href=>louis vuitton tasche speedy outlet</a>
Three battle crosses, helmet-topped rifles above combat boots, stood in front of the speakers' platform, representing the three soldiers shot and killed Sgt. Carlos Lazaney-Rodriguez, Sgt. Timothy Owens, Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson. <a href=>womens air max 1</a> Synopsis: Resident requested a welfare check on a neighbor who had not been seen for some time. It was discovered that the neighbor left the area for a few days.

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