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Wow, I'm shocked that the LR Editors even wrote a piece about the shenanigans going on in the democratic party.I actually have to applaud the editors for posting this because lately they've been leaning too far to the left to the point they might actually fall over.In the case of Calderon and Wright; I'm not too familiar with those idiots, yes LR; I used the word idiots because that's exactly what they are.But in Leland Yee's case; I'm watching it like a hawk on a field mouse! The mere fact that he's stood side by side so many times with the likes of Feinstein, Capps, and Boxer just to name a few; to chide Californians, (or at least us Californians that still believe in the 2nd Amendment) to rid us of our right to keep and bear arms, as well as to protect our lives and property, for him to reduce himself to nothing more than a gang thug is the ultimate slap in the face to those that are fighting against his policies.Politicians from BOTH major parties are corrupt, yet statistics show that liberals far out weigh conservatives when it comes to outright boneheaded decisions.P.S. I actually Do watch all of the major news outlets, CNN, Huffington Post, Headline News, and that evil Fox News! Ironically, the only major news outlet that's mentioned anything about Leland Yee's plight is Fox News! Not one single peep from the liberal outlets, I wonder why that is??????????????????????????????????????? <a href=>oakley womens sunglasses</a> Not-so-welcome suggestions to conserve juice are disabling apps like Wi-Fi on an iPhone (check, texting less and turning down your screen's brightness. Have you tried the free app Carat, which makes customised suggestions on which power-sucking apps you could delete?
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"It's just getting pucks to the net. It was a nice tip. It was a good play by our D-man to get it through," King said. "Once you get a spark like that, things turned around for us." <a href=>borse louis vuitton neverfull</a> Contrary to Liberal Democrats, Conservative Republicans tend to move with haste on the conduct of their own; mainly due to concern of the media’s rapid condemnation of those the media considers out of line.
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