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Paul Keith, the city attorney, said that he will incorporate the financial support from the city in a new contract with the ambulance company.Danny Rial of Ashley Gas and Tackle on North Main asked the city for help in dealing with his neighbor, Joe Fred Yates, who has a used car lot, OK Used Cars, on each side of the Rial business. Rial told the council that the auto lot owner has parked a box trailer along the highway that meets legal requirements but is a traffic hazard because 18 wheelers can not see oncoming traffic. I feel it is a hazard; I don't know about how to get anything done, Rial said. The business owner said that he has no problem with the car lot, but said he thinks that a lot of the vehicles won't run and have windows broken out. I feel it is more like a junkyard that a used car lot, he said.Police Chief Tommy Breedlove told the council that he believes the location of the truck is a traffic hazard. When Alderman Christine Riley suggested the police chief talk to Yates about moving the truck, he responded, I can ask but have not had a lot of cooperation. The truck is high enough to block most of Rial's sign as well as the southern view of his business.The city attorney suggested that the zoning commission consider that specific problem as well as any other similar ones. The council voted to have a special meeting of the zoning commission and possibly to have a special council meeting if needed.As discussed last month, the council formalized a name change for West Long Street. The portion of Long west of Highway 425 will be known as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Street after the council's unanimous vote. The change, which was recommended by a committee last month, does not affect the portion of Long Street east of the highway.The council also approved a corporate resolution for Farmers Bank which provides that customers of the city and rural water departments can pay their bills by drafts.In a return to a topic discussed several months ago, Hargis told the council that he thinks that the city either needs to put address signs at residences or require the residents to do so. Ted Rial told the council that East Polk has not had a street sign for eight or ten years. He added that there is also no sign to indicate where Washington Street meets Highway 425.Alderman Deanne Murphy said the city needs to have someone drive around and check the signs. Hargis said that people like to take the signs down and not bring them back. The mayor said that he will survey the city and have street signs up by next month.The mayor also said that he would love to have house numbers but questioned who would enforce such a requirement. Hargis said that the city has problems with rental property, and those are the houses that usually don't have a number. The mayor replied, Street signs and stop signs are a lot more important than the house signs. Hargis said that signs would cost about $10 each, and the mayor said that if the city is going to provide signs, it will have to be in the budget for next year.Alderman Sanderlin said that he had two people ask if the city would require the payment of a business permit for the proposed farmers' market. The mayor said that the proposed farmers market will be a service for the citizens of Hamburg and the surrounding area, adding that the city could possibly exclude the farmers' market from the permit requirement. The mayor is to survey other towns in the area which have a market and will report back to the council. Mayor Weindorf said that he thinks that the city may know by the next council meeting if the grant application will be approved.Hargis noted that the city by law does inspections for plumbing, heating, etc. He said that the fee is now $15 and proposed increasing that fee to $100 for new construction in town or $150 outside the city limits. A check of only one item, a sewer line for example, will cost $30, and the fee for street cuts will increase to $10 per square foot. The proposal is to come back to the council.The next regular meeting will be Monday, April 28, at 5 p.m. <a href=http://www.picketreport.com/brand.php?p=cheap-jordan-shorts>cheap jordan shorts</a> "We are doing the full story of Shakespeare's play," he said. "It will be performed in Shakespearean language, so it's quite a challenge. Not just to say lines, but to act and show Shakespeare."

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